DLR Auto Protection

Durable Liquid Repellency (DLR) coatings to protect cars, motorcycles, buses, and trucks.

Treated surfaces can be maintained with water only, reducing the need for soaps and chemical cleaners. Our treatments will not discolor or change the feel of a surface. Our coatings are bacteriostatic (biostatic) so they resist the formation of biofilms, bacteria, algae, and mold.  DLR Auto Protection is a revolutionary water based formula designed to protect automobile, RV, and marine surfaces from liquids, oils, dirt and stains. Once applied, rest easy knowing that an ultra-thin, flexible layer of protection has been formed between the environment and the surface you apply it to.

Formulas for your vehicle’s interior and exterior.


This clear, protective shield will not change the color, texture, or breathability of your auto fabrics or solid surfaces, facilitating quick and easy clean-up. Our liquid glass is Superphobic which means that it is Oliophobic (repels oil and grease) and hydrophobic (repels water). For use on carpet, floor mats, leather or fabric seats and more.


Exterior body work becomes protected by our easy to clean coating of liquid glass. DLR applied to the alloy wheels will prevent brake dust buildup and make the wheel easy to clean. Coatings for windows and windscreens offer a highly durable and undetectable super-phobic coating which substantially increases visibility when driving in heavy rain and other adverse conditions.

Multi Protect