Massage discs

The healthy will gain relaxation, whilst the sick – relief in pain. It relieves tense muscles and joints and facilitates their regeneration. It improves metabolism, through purging the body of toxic substances. It helps you get rid of stress.

It supports physical and spiritual balance, good moods, and soothes nerves. It also has beneficial effect on our appearance – after a few treatments, we will see significant improvement of skin condition. It is good to undergo a therapy, in particular if you suffer from pain in joints, neck or spine. Salt disks can also be used in aromatherapy massage with the use of a mixture of oils requested by the guest.

Massage with salt disks and balls can be supplemented with other Himalayan salt treatments. firming and modelling Khewra Salt peeling with essential oils from one of the two exclusive lines by Khewra Salt – orange or rose, a relaxing bath with Himalayan salt, goat milk and crushed raspberries or application of nourishing body butter with Shea butter and Himalayan brine.

Salt soap bar

Salt soap from Himalayan salt crystals has been used for ages as a natural and valued cosmetic. It nourishes the skin with 84 minerals contained in Himalayan salt, perfectly exfoliates, reduces cellulitis, making skin smooth and clean.

It improves the condition and overall appearance of skin and disposition by removing dead epidermis, clearing skin pores, killing bacteria and removing toxins. Gentle massage with salt soap will improve blood circulation, reduce stress, tiredness, muscle pain and arthritis.

Himalayan Salt SPA Products

Massage balls

Massage with salt balls is an innovative technique of massage. It:

  • perfectly relaxes, restores vital strengths and reduces muscle
    and joint fatigue
  • nourishes skin providing it with 84 trace elements,
  • restores proper skin firmness, strengthens its structure, preventing skin laxity
  • scrubs and detoxifies
  • stimulates blood system and lymphatic system
  • is exceptionally effective in fighting cellulite and stretch marks
  • reduces tiredness and stress

Depending on the desired effect, balls can be warmed or used cold. Massage with warm balls with the addition of orange-cinnamon oil relaxes, warms up and relaxes – best in autumn and winter. Warm salt stones stimulate blood circulation, which brings more blood to the cells and more oxygen to the skin.

Massage using deep cooled balls with the use of energising pine or eucalyptus oil improves physical fitness and supplements sports exercises, firms up muscles and improves blood circulation.

Himalayan bath salt

  • perfectly cleanses, moisturises and smoothens dry skin
  • restores vitality to fatigued skin
  • perfectly cleanses
  • strengthens small blood vessels
  • regulates acid-base balance of skin
  • improves blood circulation
  • smoothens and firms the skin
  • eliminates cellulitis and prevents its recurrence, at the same time facilitates slimming
  • effectively removes toxins from the body
  • facilitates the tissue drainage process
  • supports the treatment of skin diseases
  • relaxes muscles and whole body

Salt body care products

Our body care products are produced in Poland, based on our Himalayan salt and natural fruit extracts, oils and herbs with Eco-certificates. Body peeling with Shea butter and oils – orange and coconut – salt and sugar body peeling gently massages, exfoliates the skin, stimulates microcirculation. The oils reduce irritation, tone, smoothen and firm skin, rejuvenate, moisturise and regenerate. Peeling gently emolliates and rebuilds natural lipid protection of the skin.